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About LynLife…

My wish is to bring you therapies that will help to unravel physical tension and emotional stress, supporting you to allow your full potential to shine through and help bring you back a state of  balance and bliss.

I have been practicing Bodywork and Yoga for over 18 years and am fully qualified in several healing modalities that I weave together in my own unique way.  I am passionate about Ayurveda and adhere to it principles to help me cope with life, the universe and everything! I have had several lightbulb moments since I first began to study this fascinating medicine.  An Ayurvedic Consultation  can be a very enlightening experience!

My latest Training was a 1 month immersion into ThaiVedic Yoga which took me to Bali – the beautiful island of the gods.  ThaiVedic Yoga brings together the techniques of Thai Yoga Massage  , Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine’s meridian system and Yoga.  It uses the advanced and elegant diagnostic system of Ayurveda to bring a truly holistic medicine.   The beauty of this system is it allows integration of all holstic therapies, and shows us when and where they will be useful.  The lessons I have learned from ThaiVedic Yoga permeate through all of my therapy work now.  You will often find me referring to it …

I am very grateful to all of my amazing teachers over many years.  Firstly to the great staff at Newcastle College where I did my very first training in Body Massage, Aromatherapy, and Hot Stone Massage nearly 20 years ago.

Then I met Dorothy and Gordon Bell who introduced me to energy medicine and the Usui system of Reiki.  I did my levels 1 & 2 practitioner training with them. Reiki is with me always and gives a wonderful meditative and listening quality to my work.

Over 10 years ago whilst at a Yoga workshop in Kagyu Samye Ling I was having trouble with my shoulder.  Our wonderful teacher Hannah Casement spotted my dilemma, and at the end of the session she came over and offered some treatment. With up arm up over my head she began doing amazing things to my shoulder which totally fixed the problem – this was my intro to Thai Yoga Massage!  She introduced me to her teacher the very lovely Kira Balaskas, and off I went to London to train with Kira.

Thai Massage really became my passion with it’s elegant and adaptable ways of working, there is nothing you can’t manage within a Thai Massage!

In 2016 I wanted to do more training after a difficult time when I ruptured my Achilles tendon and was struggling with pain in my hands from using crutches.  I discovered a youtube video with an amazing Thai Massage sequence by Sebastian Bruno, one of the founders of ThaiVedic Yoga. Sebastian is a very creative bodyworker and I signed up for part 1 of their course immediately.  By good luck it was on the tropical island of Ko Phagnan. The course was amazing!  Co founders Sebastian Bruno and Kimmana Nichols are fabulous teachers and they have co created a great body of work.  I knew I wanted to carry on training with them after quickly learning how to effective the Ayurvedic approach to health is.   So in November 2016 I was off to Bali to complete their month long ThaiVedic Yoga imersion where we were joined by the  3rd member of the team Babra Noh who was our Yoga instructor on the course. I miss sunrise yoga looking over the rice paddies!

After over 20 years of running my B&B Retreat at Callaly, we have moved on to pastures new and are now living in Wooler.  I am excited to be dedicating all of my time to fabulous healing bodywork, rejuvenating yoga and hiking the hills and valleys around Wooler and beyond.  They’re my favourite things!

I look forward to meeting you soon for some healing bodywork!

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