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Unfurl at Tru Yoga!

Are you ready to unfurl like a flower? Opening from the inside out?

We can get really stuck at this time of the year when the cold and damp of the changing season feels like it seeps into our bones. I struggle with the cold some days, and I have to keep warm and mobile and remind myself that Spring is around the corner and the sun is coming 🌼🐣🌞  Anybody who know me knows I am solar powered!!

Slow and mindful Yoga by the fire is especially good for me. And when I do my practice, I often think “how great will this stretch will feel during a Thai Yoga Massage? – breathing into the release and feeling that wonderful opening”

We are truly remarkable beings with incredible bodies.  We have the ability to hold on tight in our tissues to everything that happens to us in our day to day lives, this is tension – the issues in our tissues….  But then when we are invited to mindfully release this tension through using the breath, assisted stretching, deep pressures and relaxing rhythm – we begin to soften and that tension melts away just like our winter snows – leaving us refreshed and open and ready to begin again.

Tru Yoga sessions on Thursdays 1pm – 8pm.
Ring Lyn 07733 266 487 to book.
Today is a bright and sunny day – hurrah!  So for me it’s boots on and a good stomp up a pretty hill before work begins – a good hike is the other thing that keeps me going!lucas-silva-pinheiro-santos-323448-unsplash

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