Cultivating Calm – April 17th 2020

Today we’re working on circles and circulation and energy.  Actively cultivating the breath, and Prana (life force energy) which is contained in the breath,  circulating it around the body using rhythmic and flowing circular movements…

When we deepen the breath and increase circulation, we encourage the elimination of the waste products that are a by product of tension – thus reducing pain in the body.  When we cultivate Prana we increase our energy and overall sense of wellbeing.

Begin by noticing how you feel right now – physically, mentally and emotionally…

Even when we’re not moving – as in between poses –  we can stay connected to the breath, the breath is the bridge to our physiology,  and we can directly influence how we feel by cultivating the breath.  Cultivating a deep inhale and long slow exhale, and noticing the sensations in the body, we can bring the body and mind into a relaxed state – the “rest and digest” nervous system response.

We are building some heat in the middle of the practice, so do rest if and when you need to, and use the variations offered.  I can’t see you so you have to be your own teacher – listen to your body as it knows best.  Take time in between movements to notice the effects of the practice – notice what works for you.

At the end of the practice notice how the body feels compared to when you started.


P.S.  Still feels weird being on my own with an Iphone….!  I miss you all XXX

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I am offering a long class every week on a donation basis – whatever you can afford would be very much appreciated.
Obviously some folks will be struggling financially, and if this applies to you – then please enjoy the class for free with my love!
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Lyn Watson
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1 thought on “Cultivating Calm – April 17th 2020”

  1. Hello Lyn
    I have just done session 3 ( I did session 4 last week). Thank you so much for providing us with yoga practice. It is so valuable at the current time.
    This was a challenge at times but I feel all the better for it.


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