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Why is Massage Therapy so effective?

Massage is an ancient therapy and comes in a variety shapes and forms,  from Aromatherapy to Thai Yoga Massage to Heavenly Head Massage plus many more…  It can help with a whole range of symptoms from stress and fatigue to aches and pains, arthritis and immune system disorders and much more.

We all know that massage feels great and is super relaxing, and now we have the evidence to back up these health enhancing claims.  Dr Michael Mosely and his team of experts have been on the case in an episode of  Trust Me I’m A Doctor to examine the latest scientific evidence.

Blood tests showed that T Lymphocyte cells (a type of white blood cell) were boosted by an amazing  70% after an hours massage therapy compared to only a slight increase in T cells after the participants had an hour of restful relaxation prior to their massage – this ruled out the idea that a nice lie down wasn’t responsible for such massive change in immune response!

So what does this mean for our health and wellbeing?  Well lots really…  White blood cells are part of our complex immune systems and are responsible for protecting us against infection, and for healing and repairing the body’s organs and tissues.  They are stored in specific glands which are connected to the skin through nerves.  When the skin is massaged, the nerves are stimulated allowing the glands to release the white blood cells into the circulation helping with a wide range of health conditions.  This could explain why massage seems to help so many people with so many conditions.  But the story doesn’t end there…

It isn’t only the touch itself, but rather the quality of the touch that is important.  The feel of warm, gentle hands on the skin, an assured and compassionate touch through clothing, the attentiveness and mindful presence of the therapist, the relaxing pace of the massage and the whole nurturing experience are just as important.  Read on…..

Affective Immunology is a fascinating new field of research that points to a link between our immune system and our emotional responses.  Both these systems can either be protective for the body if kept under control or detrimental to it when they are in disarray.  Affective Immunology is based on two fundamental assumptions: (i) the immune and emotional systems mirror each other; (ii) both the immunological and emotional responses are dynamic and continuously changing.

The first assumption is based on a large body of both clinical and experimental evidence showing an increased incidence of emotional disorders in patients suffering from immune diseases and an increased susceptibility to immune diseases in patients suffering from mental disorders.

The second assumption is based on new and emerging ideas that both the emotional and immune systems are highly “plastic”. The term plasticity has been used to indicate the ability to constantly change and adjust depending on our external factors or living conditions.

The conclusion?  The research suggests that boosting our immune systems through massage can have a positive effect on our physical and our emotional health.  Therefore by making kind and caring choices for ourselves with regard to our lifestyle, diet and exercise,  we can make positive changes to our health and well being through supporting our immune systems and our emotional health.

Massage therapies, mindful Yoga, meditation and relaxation practices are all helpful to build resilience and strength – modern science again catching up and with the ancient wisdom!

There is also huge interest in plasticity in the field of Yoga too –  I will writing about this soon!

There is nothing quite like a nourishing massage therapy!  The power of compassionate touch is such a wonderful healing practice, and there is a therapy to suit everybody.

An Aromatherapy or Heavenly Head Massage is especially suitable to soothe and ease a stressed and tense body and mind.  The combination of long deep massage strokes combined with the powerful healing effects of essential oils work their magic on the nervous system, allowing you to drift into a place of superb relaxation and tranquility…

If you prefer a more active therapy wearing clothing,  then choose my Thai Yoga Massage.  Using a combination of rhythmic acupressure and soft earth touch and movement, gentle Yoga type stretches and harmonic rocking.  Thai Massage gently lulls you into relaxation as you are quickly able to release tension, unwind,  and go with the flow of this ancient and beautiful practice.

ThaiVedic  Yoga brings together some of the most effective healing arts in the world today – Ayurveda,  Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga therapy and modern medicine – a truly integrated holistic system to restore health and harmony. Using the diagnostic system of Ayurveda,  we can determine your Dosha and the kind of lifestyle that is balancing and healthy for you, including the sorts of food you should eat and the amount and type of exercise you should do to bring balance.  We can use any of the bodywork and Yoga therapies according to your needs at this time.

A Reiki session is the epitome of calm and serenity….  Lying fully clothed, Reiki uses “floating hands” to clear energetic blockages and bring deep feelings of peace.

I also offer Yoga classes and 1:1 Yoga Therapy.

I look forward to working with you soon!



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Mindful Movement – Yoga with Lyn

Beginning next Wednesday 23rd May 6 – 7.30pm Cheviot Centre Wooler. £8 per session.

Bring your mat and a blanket for a slow and mindful practice to some beautiful music!  Gentle Hatha Yoga suitable for all ages and abilities. We will also have a little therapeutic fun with some simple Thai Massage partner work,  and a gorgeous relaxation to close 

I also offer a weekly class in Chatton Village Hall on Tuesdays 1 – 2.30pm for those who can’t make an evening class – it would be lovely to see you at either or both!

If you want to know more about the Yoga I teach, or any of the therapies I offer, please get in touch. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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British Summertime is here…

The clocks have sprung forward, the nights are drawing out, and it was a stunning weekend up here in Wooler.  We hiked in the College Valley and felt as if we’d arrived in paradise as we sat by the waterfalls of Hethpool Linn enjoying our packed lunch in the dappled shade of the leafless trees, warm sunlight playing on the water… Just heavenly!   Continue reading “British Summertime is here…”