Mindful Movement – Yoga with Lyn.

Chatton Village Hall  – Tuesdays 1 – 2.30 pm

Wooler Cheviot Centre – Wednesdays 6 – 7.30pm

Slow, mindful, gentle Yoga flow with a little Qigong – suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Classes begin with a short period of rest, connecting with our breath,  awareness and intention.  Linking flowing movement with breath, we ground ourselves fully into our practice, allowing ourselves to be just as we are. 

We build strength, flexibility and openness in our bodies, and close with a relaxing Yoga Nidra so you may leave calm and refreshed!

Bring your mat and a blanket for a slow and mindful practice to some beautiful music!  

Slower practices benefit your health in a different way than hot, fast, fitness yoga/exercise. Slow helps reduce chronic pain, alleviate depression and anxiety, manage weight, reduce inflammation, reduce fatigue and more. Slow builds more mindfulness and resilience, increases peace and happiness, and helps connect to a clearer sense of identity, meaning and purpose.

This practice is ideal for people who have not done much Yoga or are beginners, and for more seasoned Yogis who are stressed and overworked with a need to slow down and restore energy. 

Does this sound like something you might enjoy? 

Sessions cost £8 and are offered on a drop-in basis – come and join us!

Please speak to me privately about any concerns you may have regarding your health and we can make adjustments for you.  And I may be able to help with one of my treatments!

“(Slowness) is a cultural
revolution against the notion that
faster is always better. It’s about
seeking to do everything at the
right speed. Savoring the hours
and minutes rather than just
counting them”
Carl Honore – In Praise of Slowness

Much more than just a set of exercises, Mindful Yoga is a way to bring our awareness back into our bodies.  We reconnect with our innate vitality! Yoga helps us to;

  • Increase our Prana – our life-force energy
  • Improve circulation, flexibility, and mobility
  • Establish better body mechanics to prevent injuries
  • Correct maladaptive or dysfunctional movement patterns that cause discomfort or pain
  • Release emotionally-charged patterns lodged in the body (the issues in your tissues)
  • Balance our physical, mental, and emotional energy levels to improve overall health
  • Build resiliance in our nervous system to help cope with stress
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

Yoga means union – union of body and mind. 

We learn to reconnect to our breath using Pranayamas and controlled breathing which calms the nervous system and increases our resilience to stress and anxiety.  Through Yoga asana –  or poses – we will move with intention to gain strength and flexibility in our muscles and bones.  We will move like flowing water using the breath as a bridge,  improving our balance and mental focus.

It is especially important as we age to preserve our bone density and resilience to stress,  and Yoga is the perfect gentle exercise regime to keep our bodies, minds and nervous systems supple and strong.

Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and the inflexible, nothing can surpass it. The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid.  Lao Tsu

Everyone is unique

So work at your own pace, and rest if you need to.  There will always be options to modify the asana to suit where you are with your practice.  Working slowly and mindfully like this, we can go deeper and make truly lasting changes within us. Haste and hurry can cause injuries, problems or other errors. By working well and mindfully, we can work deeply and strongly and really get the most out of our yoga practice. 

Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love  Rumi

I like to include some Qigong in my classes.  An ancient Taoist practice, Qigong is revered as a way to harness our life force energy, lower stress, prevent illness and increase longevity.  It’s a perfect fit with a Yoga practice!  The movements are simple and meditative, and bring our awareness to our energy body in a subtle way.  It also gives us insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian system.

You are encouraged to practice and live in a way that best suits you.  There are no set of yoga rules that applies to everyone (except the  yamas and niyamas rules of conduct from yoga philosophy…)    Try to follow your own path (dharma) in the way you see fit. As long as this way does not injure others or cause suffering, it’s all good! 

Yoga has more to offer us…

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and is from the same Vedic root.  An Ayurvedic approach to Yoga allows us to see what type of practice will be appropriate given the time, place, season, and what we hope to achieve.  See my for a ThaiVedic Yoga appointment to find out how an Ayurvedic approach to wellness could help you.

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful meditative, relaxing practice that has many health benefits.  You may be familiar with it if you have ever done a guided relaxation at the end of your yoga class.  Follow the link for more info.

Restorative Yoga practice is a Yoga of ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’ – restful yoga for stressful times.  Follow the link for more info.

Yoga for You – 1:1 Yoga sessions in my Sunny Studio, or in your own home.  Ideal if you don’t want to attend a general class.  We will work according to your needs using gentle asana practice, breath techniques and structural alignment if needed.  We can end your session with a relaxing Yoga Nidra.  Home visits 90 mins minimum.

Get in touch!  07733 266 487