Yoga for You – 1:1

The purpose of individual yoga tuition is to support you in developing and maintaining  a regular home practice. I have a particular interest in balancing the nervous system, so my practice is slow, mindful and repetitive.

Our first session will start with a thorough consultation and postural assessment.  There are many factors than can contribute to how your body and mind feel, and it is helpful to get as much information as possible.  Then we will then work together to develop a session that meets your needs. 

The 1:1 sessions can be in addition to your home practice, and attending regular classes with myself or others

An initial commitment of three sessions over a period of 3-6 weeks is recommended.  These can ideally be weekly, or every 2 weeks. 

I offer you 1:1 Yoga in your home,  or in my home studio if you are unable to travel to Wooler.

  • 1 X 90 mins 1:1 Yoga  £60
  • 3 X 90 mins 1:1 Yoga £150

What to Expect from our 1:1 Yoga sessions

Each session lasts 90 minutes and will include time for talking and time for active practice and relaxation or meditation. 

I will then be guide you through a yoga practice which will be tailored especially for you.  It may include postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation techniques.

I will email you a summary of your session for you to continue your home practice, and I encourage you to ask questions and give feedback of your experiences that we can work on during our sessions together.

Also check out my Rejuvenate course detailed below.

Rejuvenate Course

Are suffering with debilitating illness? Are generally feeling under par and seeking wellness and vitality?   A look at your health from a holistic perspective may be helpful for you. 

Conditions such a Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Lupus, IBS, stress and anxiety disorders and chronic pain can be difficult to treat with conventional medicine alone, and can respond well to complementary therapies.  Your rejuvenate course consists of;

  • A lifestyle consultation giving a full picture of your current health based on Ayurvedic principles
  • Yoga and bodywork sessions to help you re-balance 
  • Take home Yoga/Qigong and meditation techniques
  •  Dietary advice according to your needs
  • Learn stress and tension releasing exercises – a self practice for everyday use
  • 4 x 2 hour sessions – 1 session every 2-4 weeks  
  • Personal investment for you £260

Get in touch!  07733 266 487