Yoga for You – 1:1

We will start with a thorough consultation, and then we will then work together to develop a session that meets your needs. 

I offer you 1:1 Yoga in your home,  or in my home studio if you are unable to travel to Wooler.


downloadEach session or course of sessions includes a personal programme for you to take home and work with.  Private tuition can be very helpful for a number of reasons…

  • benefit from 1:1 teaching, modifications and adjustments
  • focus on establishing your personal home practice
  • recovering from an injury or manage a medical condition that prevents you from joining general classes
  • focus on wider aspects of yoga including pranayama (breathing), meditation and Restorative Yoga/ Yoga Nidra to deal with stress and anxiety disorders
  • Your place or mine? 

Are you in need of Rejuvenation?

Are suffering with debilitating illness? Are generally feeling under par and seeking full wellness and vitality?   A look at your health from a holistic perspective may be helpful for you. 

Conditions such a Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Lupus, IBS, stress and anxiety disorders and chronic pain can be difficult to treat with conventional medicine alone, and can respond well to complementary therapies.  Your rejuvenate course consists of;

  • A lifestyle consultation giving a full picture of your current health based on Ayurvedic principles
  • Yoga and bodywork sessions for a complete re-balance and lifestyle overhaul 
  • Take home Yoga/Qigong and meditation techniques
  •  Dietary advice according to your needs
  • Learn stress and tension releasing exercises – a self practice for everyday use
  • 4 x 2 hour sessions – 1 session every 2-4 weeks  
  • Personal investment for you £260

Get in touch!  07733 266 487