Yoga for You – 1:1

The purpose of individual yoga tuition is to support you in developing and maintaining  a regular home practice, and to help you overcome any physical and mental challenges you may be having at this time in your life.

Believe me, having a home practice that you can do every day, even if it is only 10-30 mins, can transform your life! 

I have a mantra of “little and often” But more often than not – you will find that you’re still on your mat – or in your chair if that’s more suitable for you – way past your intended time as you will be enjoying the process of Yoga so much!

I have a particular interest in balancing the nervous system – bringing you back to homeostasis –  so we are able to cope with life’s ups and downs, so my practice is slow, mindful and repetitive.  There are many tools we can use to make a full, expansive and healing practice – movement, breath, meditation, relaxation and self- massage.

It is based around the Viniyoga tradition and emerging neuroscience (which appeals to my inner geek)  And there is a fair smattering of wonderful Qigong which is super energy medicine and a great fit for a mindful Yoga practice.  I do like to hop over the mountains between India and China!

Feldenkrais is another wonderful tool we can add into practice, and is particulary useful where mobility is limited.

My knowledge of body mechanics and massage therapies mean I can help you practice safely, and I’m on hand to help with aches, pains and mobility issues.

Our first session will start with a thorough consultation  (from an ayurvedic perspective) and postural assessment.  There are many factors than can contribute to how your body and mind feel, and you are totally unique,  so it’s helpful to get as much information as possible.  Then we will then work together to develop a session that meets your needs.

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Swara Yoga Teacher Training in the amazing Sanctuary Thailand

An initial commitment of three sessions over a period of 3-6 weeks is recommended.  These can ideally be weekly, or every 2 weeks. 

I offer 1:1 Yoga in your home for your convenience*

Or in my home studio in wooler.

  • 1 X 90 mins  £60

  • 3X 90 mins £170              

  • 1 X 2 hrs 75

  • 3 X 2hrs £210

What to Expect from our 1:1 Yoga sessions

Each session lasts 90 minutes or 2 hours and will include time for talking and time for active practice, relaxation, meditation and pranayama (breath practice)

I will guide you through a yoga practice which will be tailored especially for you. 

I will email you a summary of your session – you may find it helpful to video our practice on your phone for reference.   You can then continue your home practice at your convenience.   I encourage you to ask questions, and give feedback of your experience, that we can work on during our sessions together.

*there is a small travel charge for home visits

Get in touch!  07733 266 487