Thai Yoga Massage

My Thai Yoga Massage is a whole different massage experience…  

We work from a comfy heated Futon on the floor,  and you wear loose comfortable clothing like a T shirt and joggers.  Gentle yet powerful yoga type stretches and deep acupressure are applied carefully along the limbs and body in a rhythmic and fluid meditative flow.  You will be gently rocked and moved,  allowing the fascia to unwind…  This quickly creates a feeling of profound space and relaxation as you feel fully supported and able to let go of tension. 

Common conditions that are addressed include:

  • lower back, neck and shoulder pain
  • headaches
  • leg pain & arm pain
  • digestive complaints
  • joint mobilisation
  • energy depletion
  • immune system disorders
  • low mood/depression

Amazing massage therapy totally connecting to exactly what I needed, gentle and strong all at the same time.. very beautiful experience

Blood , chi and nerves form the foundations of our bodies internal pathways.  Your doctor may refer to arterial flow or nerve pathways whilst your alternative health practitioner may refer to it as “the energetic flow that ensures good health and vitality”

When this is obstructed through emotional or physical trauma, postural imbalances or infection, the natural healing mechanisms of our body are challenged and the “energetic flow” often stagnates. The result is pain, low energy and a general loss of the feeling of well being.  The body is in need of support.

Using breath, movement and touch, we are  working with the muscles, fascia and energetic systems of the body,  listening deeply and working mindfully, allowing the tissues to unwind and energy to flow.  This quality of the work means it it also and ideal therapy for stress and anxiety as we are speaking directly to the overworked nervous system and providing a nurturing and calming treatment.  Have you noticed how when you are stressed you often have aches and pains – especially in the low back or shoulders and neck?

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.”  Thich Nhat Hanh”

We have such an adaptable way of working – being able to move around on the futon into different positions,  applying great stretches and pressure just where it’s needed,  make this such a versatile therapy for a wide range of complaints.  

Great Thai Yoga Massage! Really good stretch out of tired and tensed muscles. Felt stronger and taller after an hours treatment. Lyn is a fantastic therapist and I will go back!

Thai Yoga Massage is great for sports people.  Runners, dancers and  yogis especially like this therapy.  It is a great therapy for pre-event as it prepares the body by giving the muscles a wonderful stretch out – ready for action whilst balancing the energetic body and nervous system leaving you refreshed and ready!  Post event it helps the body to wind down and encourages the release of lactic acid as well as being super relaxing.

“Learning is movement from moment to moment” J Krishnamurti

My training in ThaiVedic Bodywork and Yoga uses Ayurveda’s basic principles that sees the uniqueness of each person. Therefore we are able to see the root cause of problems for any individual, this will do wonders both now and in the long term, and I will be able to recommend Yoga exercises that you can do at home. 

A further ThaiVedic Yoga session may be helpful for you if there were health issues that you would like to address from a holistic perspective, here we can dive deeper into Ayurveda with a comprehensive consultation.

It is very beneficial for you to have a session every 3 or 4 weeks.  This will help you to keep your energy levels up, and prevent other problems occurring. 

  • 60 mins – part body treatment
  • 90 mins 
  • 2hrs 

Deep tissue work of muscles and fascia and energy balancing requires time.  If you would like a full body therapy please book at least 90 mins.  For a more extensive treatment please allow 2 hours.

I have had the privilege to work with some great teachers in the field of holistic medicine over two decades, and my latest ThaiVedic Yoga training has added to the richness of my Thai Yoga Massage by adding in techniques from Osteopathy, Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Are you in need of rejuvenation?

My Rejuvenate course includes;

  • An Ayurvedic Consultation giving a full picture of your current health
  • Yoga and bodywork sessions for a complete re-balance and lifestyle overhaul
  •  4 x 2 hour sessions – 1 session every 2-4 weeks  
  • Take home Yoga and meditation techniques
  • Personal investment for you £240