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LynLife Therapies coming to Berwick!

People of Berwick… I will be offering my therapies every Thursday beginning May 24th.

I have a range of therapies to suit everybody.  From the therapeutic stretch and release of Thai Yoga Massage, luxurious and calming Aromatherapy Massage and deeply restorative Heavenly Head for those days when the stress and tension are locked in to your shoulders, neck and head…

I am a Reiki practitioner for those who need to re-balance the energetic systems of the body, find some peace,  and prefer and hands-off treatment.

I also offer you 1:1 Yoga sessions if you prefer not to attend a general class.  Our session will be tailor made for you on the day according to your needs.  My Yoga is focused on breath awareness and gentle movement – calming the nervous system and finding some space in the body.

You can find details of all my therapies in the menu above, and I very much look forward to meeting you soon!

Please ring, email or message me to book your session.  I will get back to you ASAP of I don’t respond immediately.

I will be working alongside Lee at Borders and Berwick Touch therapies

23 Castlegate
Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Fife, United Kingdom TD15 1LF

Appointments early till late.


Tru Thursdays at Tru Yoga Studio Alnwick

Thai Yoga Massage is a whole different massage experience…

We work from a comfy heated Futon on the floor,  and you wear loose comfortable clothing like a T shirt and joggers.  

Gentle yet powerful yoga type stretches and deep acupressure are applied carefully along the limbs and body in a lovely rhythmic and fluid flow,  this quickly creates a feeling of deep relaxation as you feel fully supported and able to let go of tension.  Like the trees we need a good stable root so we begin with the feet, and we end at the head, soothing and relaxing the whole area to give a sense of peace and spaciousness…

Yogis, runners, dancers and athletes love this therapy for it’s stretching and movement – great for limber muscles!

Heavenly Head Massage is a  deeply restorative head, face, neck and shoulder massage using pure essential oils that work on many levels.

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British Summertime is here…

The clocks have sprung forward, the nights are drawing out, and it was a stunning weekend up here in Wooler.  We hiked in the College Valley and felt as if we’d arrived in paradise as we sat by the waterfalls of Hethpool Linn enjoying our packed lunch in the dappled shade of the leafless trees, warm sunlight playing on the water… Just heavenly!   Continue reading “British Summertime is here…”

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Unfurl at Tru Yoga!

Are you ready to unfurl like a flower? Opening from the inside out?

We can get really stuck at this time of the year when the cold and damp of the changing season feels like it seeps into our bones. I struggle with the cold some days, and I have to keep warm and mobile and remind myself that Spring is around the corner and the sun is coming 🌼🐣🌞  Anybody who know me knows I am solar powered!!

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