I have only had two Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massages from Lyn so far, but have realised very quickly that here is a special lady with exceptional talents. Lyn is professional, knowledgeable, genuine and intuitive, offering a personally tailored holistic treatment from top to toe.
A warm and friendly welcome is followed by a gentle but thorough evaluation in a calm and inviting space, nothing is hurried. This then leads to a divine massage incorporating techniques perfected over many years, attuned to leave you bonelessly relaxed, calmed, cleansed, soothed and surrounded in warmth, softness, safety and peace. Time just seems to stand still!

I cannot recommend Lyn highly enough and will be making a massage with her a regular event. She gives the best massages I have ever experienced.

Heather D

A fantastic experience. Lyn. was highly professional and certainly knew her stuff. Was given a look over to ascertain any aches, pains and inconsistencies in my body. Then had a mega treatment of manipulation and massage and therapy. Afterwards Lyn gave me tips and exercises to do at home along with breathing and relaxation techniques. Felt wonderful afterwards and at night went to bed super early and had the deepest sleep ever. I’m going back a week after then for a monthly treatment to keep it up.

Sandra C

I visited Lyn a few weeks back for my first Thai Yoga Massage and have been trying to formulate the correct review ever since. It’s not easy to describe adequately the feeling of complete relaxation and utter peace I got from this incredible experience. I’m a woman of mature years with more than my share of health issues – which pretty much dictate what I can and can’t do. Having had various massages in the past I’ve found that after about 40 mins I’m fidgety and wondering what I’ve got in the fridge for our supper….. 

I had 1.5 hours of pure – and this is where I struggle – relaxed, at-one-with-everything, blissful just ‘being’. Her training and indeed natural ability allows much more than just your average treatment. It has been for me a revelation and all I could think of as we neared the end 😢 is that I NEED to have this in my life. 

I’m a glass half empty person due in part to a health condition, but I drove home thinking I could once again tackle Weetwood bank!  My body and mind was refreshed and ready to go – almost! 

I heartily recommend this to all of you out there who need to reconnect with that person you know you can be. Try it!  

Jenny S

If you are considering a massage, please try Lyn’s blissful Ayurvedic Thai Yoga massage. I had one today, and after years of receiving therapy and also practicing therapy, I can honestly say that this was a unique experience. You will be massaged from toe to head, rocked and moved gently in a flow of movement. You will experience acupressure and immediate tension release, the experience culminates in a beautiful face and head massage. This is a holistic, personalised and nurturing treatment from a wonderful experienced practitioner. I will definitely be back! 

Annessa R

I have been coming to Lyn for a few years now and can highly recommend all her lovely massages (especially the aromatherapy one) which always leave me feeling completely invigorated and relaxed.  Lyn is a wonderful therapist, so calming, love her positivity and she is very thorough too. I have been having problems on and off with lower back pain and toe issues due to arthritis and I always feel so much better after Lyn has worked her magic! I can highly recommend Lyn and her treatments, also her yoga classes too. Really look forward to my next massage, thank you Lyn and it was sooo lovely to catch up with you as well after so long.  Until the next time xxxxx  

Claire J

 It sounds a bit OTT to say this – BUT Lyn has actually changed my life for the better! Her natural enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject has awakened a hitherto ignored interest in me in the physiology of the mind and body. My own human body was just a shell, or a bag of bones which I carried around with me! I had never before taken the time to consider its miraculous inner workings!! Since attending her yoga classes and talking to her one-to-one, I have reached a new appreciation of the human organism, its skeleton, muscles and anatomy. I’ve learnt how to respect my body and how a regular routine of gentle movements can improve my posture, flexibility and state of mind. Also I’m not sure I could have remained sane during Lockdown without her online yoga classes. I am indebted to her enormously, and have no qualms at all about recommending her to anyone on a similar mission of self-knowledge and physical improvement!

Clare W

I can thoroughly recommend Lyn’s Thai Yoga Massage. A truly wonderful therapist and so knowledgeable. Lyn is such a positive person with magic hands. I left with a spring in my step and the spark for life reignited.  I look forward to next time.

Judy W

Hello, I just want to thank you again for fitting me in this morning for Thai Yoga Massage, and I’m ever so sorry I wasn’t bang on time. Slow out the starting blocks today.I walked into Wooler a few days ago having had a horrible day carrying my bag and feeling I was coming to the end of being able to heft it anywhere else.. Today I’ve been moving without discomfort or pain, honestly gliding even with my bag. I’ve napped on buses and spent time resting.. I finished walking to Berwick-upon-Tweed and I’m head to complete the other end of st cuthbert’s way. 
And I’d definitely not be here without you. So much admiration for the amount of knowledge you have to have to do that sort of massage. Beyond my expectations and immediate positive effects. 
A million thankyous

Cate Alexandra

Hi Lyn
I’d just like to say – and you may want to spread this round all your faithful followers – that your bit about encouraging everyone to do a little bit of Yoga every day is spot on!  As you know my disease prevents me doing ANYTHING at pace and so I take an hour before lunch to just stretch and move slowly, incorporating most of the moves you have given us over the time I attended your class. Always with the breath. Initially I struggled with anymore than about 3 times a week but now I’m able to do certainly 6! My stamina has increased which is not something I thought I’d get back this time last year. 


Lyn’s massages are fantastic. I’ve had  Thai Yoga massage which was just brilliant. Left her house stretched, relaxed and feeling great. Have also had an aromatherapy massage …… HEAVENLY!

Sarah Robson