Hello, I just want to thank you again for fitting me in this morning and I’m ever so sorry I wasn’t bang on time. Slow out the starting blocks today.I walked into Wooler a few days ago having had a horrible day carrying my bag and feeling I was coming to the end of being able to heft it anywhere else.. Today I’ve been moving without discomfort or pain, honestly gliding even with my bag. Ive napped on buses and spent time resting.. I finished walking to Berwick-upon-Tweed and I’m head to complete the other end of st cuthbert’s way. 
And I’d definitely not be here without you. So much admiration for the amount of knowledge you have to have to do that sort of massage. Beyond my expectations and immediate positive effects. 
A million thankyous

Cate Alexandra

Hi Lyn
I’d just like to say – and you may want to spread this round all your faithful followers – that your bit about encouraging everyone to do a bit every day is spot on!  As you know my disease prevents me doing ANYTHING at pace and so I take an hour before lunch to just stretch and move slowly, incorporating most of the moves you have given us over the time I attended your class. Always with the breath. Initially I struggled with anymore than about 3 times a week but now I’m able to do certainly 6! My stamina has increased which is not something I thought I’d get back this time last year. 


Lyn’s massages are fantastic. I’ve had  Thai Yoga massage which was just brilliant. Left her house stretched, relaxed and feeling great. Have also had an aromatherapy massage …… HEAVENLY!

Sarah Robson

I would thoroughly recommend Lyn for both her yoga sessions and her personal therapy techniques. As a woman of a certain age, I’m determined that in my retirement I will be as flexible as I can be and hopefully pain free. I didn’t think the latter was a possibility but…..

Lyn’s Yoga sessions in Chatton are fun as well as stretching and I’m delighted by how much my ability and technique have improved. The sessions are varied and challenging as well as relaxing and restful. I always feel better after a session!

Alongside this, I’ve had a few individual therapy sessions with Lyn – both Thai massage and myofascial release alongside a range of exercises Lyn has recommended for me to do at home. She has worked on a lower back pain that I’ve had on and off for the last 40 years and I’m delighted to report my back is pain free. Woo hoo! We’re now working on a separate / more recent injury in my hip/bottom area and making good progress. Lyn’s knowledge of the body and how everything connects is extensive and she uses this to create a tailored solution which has worked for me in a way that the many other things I’ve tried have not.

So if you have aches and pains or you just want to move more easily, give Lyn a go!

Gill Rollings

Absolutely amazing treatment from Lyn yesterday, she has given me fantastic supportive holistic advice that I can bring into my day to day life. My body feels so good! Thanks Lyn!!

Becca Poremba

I’m normally quite eloquent when it comes to saying thank – you or complaining!  But on this occasion I’m struggling to get the correct terminology to describe how my time with you this morning made me feel.

I have visited a fair few ‘alternative’ therapists in my time but your energy, positivity and confidence this morning was something I have never experienced before. The energy which seemed to emimate from your hands was so powerful and yet gentle at the same time. I could have stayed forever!  If this is what you are able to do with every client on every occasion then I think you’re truly gifted Lyn.
I’d very much like to have more hands on. I would be happy to have another hour & half of whatever you feel would be most beneficial.
Until then, huge gratitude for this morning.
Very best wishes


Lyn is a fantastic therapist- incredibly warm and compassionate with a great deal of knowledge and experience. The treatment is amazingly powerful and relaxing, and my very sore arm is so much better. Thanks so much Lyn- and hope to return soon.

Fiona Macleod

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lyn to anyone. Very skilled and compassionate. In gratitude xx

Sarah Riseborough

I have frequent massages in Yorkshire and was lucky to be introduced to Lyn whilst on a trip to Northumberland staying with friends. I have to say this was my best massage ever, it was the most nurturing and special experience and it shan’t be my last, I shall be back for another. Do not hesitate to book a massage you shall not be disappointed. It was heavenly. Thank you LYN

Sarah Helen Booth

Just had a two hour session with Lyn, absolutely amazing,  can’t wait to get another one. Highly recommend 

Lee Horsburgh