What’s Ayurveda got to do with the weather??

Sudden changes in weather like the ones we are experiencing at the moment can affect our moods and even our health.

How many of you have felt at low ebb, low energy, a bit of a cold coming on, can’t quite seem to get into your groove so to speak?

This past week has had a sense of heaviness, increased moisture  in the form of rain, sea frets or cloud-covered days, and a grounded, slow feeling.  These are all qualities shared by the Kapha Dosha.  This kind of weather can seem a bit oppressive at times, and can leave us feeling weighed down, stagnant, or uninspired.  And actually, every kind of weather can either bolster or encumber our sense well-being depending upon our inner nature – some of us like it hot while others relish the damp and cloudy days.  Some people even enjoy a long cold winter – brrrr!!

Personally I am solar-powered and love the light summer months of dry warmth with plenty of sunshine which balances out my inner nature perfectly!  This heavy greyness sends me right out of kilter – so what to do??

Ayurveda teaches us that like increases like and that opposites balance.  If you’re feeling slow, heavy and a bit stuck, the perfect antidote is to get moving with a short invigorating morning routine to shrug off the sluggishness.  Brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, and if time allows give yourself and oil massage followed by a warm shower.

Treat yourself to some energising exercise – ideally this will be between 6-10am or 6-10pm which are the Kapha times of day.   This might be a brisk walk or bike ride in our glorious countryside, an energetic yoga routine or maybe even dancing around your living room to some funky tunes!  Wear some bright and warm energising colours like reds or oranges.  Be spontanious to lift your mood, see some friends, go somewhere you’ve never been before!  Eat some light and dry foods to balance out the heaviness you are feeling.

Doing something that balances out the qualities of whatever the weather brings  will make a world of difference to how your day goes – and as always the weather will change, so however you feel today – this too shall pass…

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