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Yoga Nidra In Wooler woodlands – April 6th 2020

Yoga Nidra is the practice originally referred to to as Yogic sleep – but the idea here is to stay awake!  It is a deeply relaxing practice that can be used as a healing meditation.  It is especially useful for dealing with stress and anxiety.  All from the comfort of the floor…


You simply follow the voice which usually takes you on a rotation of awareness quickly around the body parts, this is a very relaxing process.  Sometimes you are asked to imagine feelings of heaviness and lightness, right side and left side etc.  Sometimes you will go in a journey with visualisations.  There are many ways and techniques available, and you will find many that will suit you.

The practice can be done sitting, but it’s easier to get a full body relaxation lying down.

A little cushion under the head allows length in the back of the neck, and a bolster or pillow under the back of the knees lets the low back rest comfortably.  An eye bag or nice cotton scarf keeps the light out and a snuggly blanket keeps you warm and cosy.

To begin,  settle nicely into your position,  making sure you are as comfortable as possible.  Arms can be by the side with back of the hands to the floor, or resting comfortably on the body.  Take some time to arrive in your body and notice the breath…

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