With so many therapies on offer, it can be difficult to know which will best suit your needs on the day.  But once we have established your needs, I will talk you through the options to find the best therapy, or combination of therapies to best suit you on the day.  If you would like to discuss anything please contact me, and be assured all information is held in strictest confidence.  I believe the relationship between therapist and client is built on trust and communication. 

I work in a slow and mindful way when doing bodywork.  This allows me to listen deeply to what the body is telling me.  Also it takes a while for the tissues to respond to treatment, so I find this way of working most therapeutic.  Working with a slow and mindful rhythm also sends subtle signals to the nervous system to let go and relax – in fact people often fall sleep during particularly deep and slow bits of my treatments! 

My first experience of meditation and Yoga was on a quiet corner of a Cretan beach where I lived in a little house back in the early ’80’s.   It was a very special time that really informed the rest of my life.  

After 10 years of travel and adventure I ended up back in Northumberland where I ran my very successful countryside Bed & Breakfast Retreat.  It was at this time I began the first of my massage training,  I am now qualified in several healing modalities that I weave together in my own unique way.  There is so much happening in the world of bodywork therapies right now,  with many professionals blending the techniques of recognised practices like Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Osteopathy, Yoga and Thai Massage.  I have been fortunate in being able to train with some wonderful teachers in the field.

My regular guests would often make two visits a year to enjoy the peace, tranquility, my beautiful garden and of course a massage or two and some Yoga. But times change, and in 2017 we were ready to move on to pastures new up here in wonderful Wooler,  which is the most amazing friendly community!  Living my life at a slower pace is just the medicine I needed, and I’m sure many of you will resonate with this.  

So now I’m focusing all my energies on my therapies and Yoga which I love.  Of course I still have all the decorating and the garden to do, but that’s another story….  For now I’m enjoying our stunning local walks,  giving great therapies and teaching Yoga to help people find balance in their lives. Working from a place of loving kindness.

In my free time I will be out and about in our beautiful countryside,  hiking the hills and exploring the valleys around Wooler and beyond – do say hello if you see me out and about!

I have a great belief in the healing effects of spending time in nature –  it really is my favourite thing!

I look forward to meeting you soon.