Clare W

 It sounds a bit OTT to say this – BUT Lyn has actually changed my life for the better! Her natural enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject has awakened a hitherto ignored interest in me in the physiology of the mind and body. My own human body was just a shell, or a bag of bones which I carried around with me! I had never before taken the time to consider its miraculous inner workings!! Since attending her yoga classes and talking to her one-to-one, I have reached a new appreciation of the human organism, its skeleton, muscles and anatomy. I’ve learnt how to respect my body and how a regular routine of gentle movements can improve my posture, flexibility and state of mind. Also I’m not sure I could have remained sane during Lockdown without her online yoga classes. I am indebted to her enormously, and have no qualms at all about recommending her to anyone on a similar mission of self-knowledge and physical improvement!