Heather Doherty

Lyn is wonderful. I have had extremely positive and massively helpful experience with both her Thai Yoga massage therapy and Ayurvedic Consultation.

I have a reoccurring weakness in my back, and when it goes it’s agony. I’m so pleased I went to Lyn this last time, her therapy was perfect. She assessed my alignment, and did some gentle but firm manipulation that not only eased my pain and helped to heal my back, but also was hugely relaxing.
I felt so much better, stronger, and emotionally centered afterwards. And I’m pleased to report that the pain has not reoccurred since my treatment! Thank you Lyn.
I’d recommend you to everyone.

I was totally new to Ayurveda and it’s uses in all spheres of health and happiness, but I am so delighted and grateful to have been introduced to this fascinating methodology and approach by Lyn. It’s given me a new understanding and a new lease of life really!

The consultation was great; together we found an approach that both addressed my commitments and my family life, whilst incorporating the Ayurvedic approach and principles. I’m in love with Ayurveda! I have a new understanding of how my body and mind work and what they need, and how they are affected by internal and external changes.
Since implementing the changes discussed with Lyn I feel calmer, happier, and infinitely healthier. Everyone, give yourselves the best present ever, and discover what Ayurveda can do for you!! X