Jenny S

I visited Lyn a few weeks back for my first Thai Yoga Massage and have been trying to formulate the correct review ever since. It’s not easy to describe adequately the feeling of complete relaxation and utter peace I got from this incredible experience. I’m a woman of mature years with more than my share of health issues – which pretty much dictate what I can and can’t do. Having had various massages in the past I’ve found that after about 40 mins I’m fidgety and wondering what I’ve got in the fridge for our supper….. 

I had 1.5 hours of pure – and this is where I struggle – relaxed, at-one-with-everything, blissful just ‘being’. Her training and indeed natural ability allows much more than just your average treatment. It has been for me a revelation and all I could think of as we neared the end 😢 is that I NEED to have this in my life. 

I’m a glass half empty person due in part to a health condition, but I drove home thinking I could once again tackle Weetwood bank!  My body and mind was refreshed and ready to go – almost! 

I heartily recommend this to all of you out there who need to reconnect with that person you know you can be. Try it!