Fresh Rosemary and Squash Soup

Just when you think the winter is all over……  Time for some warming soup!


This is one of my favourites when it’s cold and wet outside and you need something warm and nourishing inside.  Fresh Rosemary is a wonderfully beneficial herb for dispelling the cold and aiding the memory.  Great for warming up cold arthritic joints too.  I use the essential oil in winter baths, in a massage blend for aching muscles and also as a hair rinse as it’s excellent for the scalp – just add  1 drop to a sink of warm water and dunk.  In Aromatherapy it is classed as a cephalic – which basically means it’s great for anything to do with your head!


1 large washed Butternut squash – no need to peel just chop into 1 inch chunks and remove the seeds.

2 onions peeled and chopped

4 x 4 inch sprigs of fresh Rosemary – remove the leaves from the stems

4 tsp Marigold vegetable boullion or a veg stock cube

3 tbspn Olive oil

Seasalt and Black Pepper and 1 Bay leaf

fresh herbs and seeds to garnish if you wish.

To make

Warm the oil and add all the veg and seasoning. Toss till all covered in oil, pop the lid on and turn the heat to really low and sweat the veg for 5 mins stirring occasionally.

Add water to just cover the veg and add stock, Rosemary leaves, Bay leaf and season.  Bring to the boil and then cover and simmer till squash is tender, about 20 mins.  Remove the Bay leaf!

Pop it all in the blender or use a wand blender and wizz till smooth. Check the seasoning.

Garnish with fresh herbs like Coriander or Parsley and sprinkle on some seeds. 


You can add 50g of red lentils with the veg at the beginning for added goodness, just add a bit more water. 

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