Massage, Thai Yoga Massage

British Summertime is here…

The clocks have sprung forward, the nights are drawing out, and it was a stunning weekend up here in Wooler.  We hiked in the College Valley and felt as if we’d arrived in paradise as we sat by the waterfalls of Hethpool Linn enjoying our packed lunch in the dappled shade of the leafless trees, warm sunlight playing on the water… Just heavenly!  

Easter is coming and a lovely long weekend to look forward to.  Historically Easter weekend is a big one in the gardening calendar.  Seed potatoes that have been chitting on the window sill get put into the ground,  seeds are sown for the flowers and vegetables of summer and beyond….

But all that bending over can play havoc with your back!  If you overdo it in the garden this coming  weekend, you may really appreciate one of my therapeutic and relaxing treatments to get you back into the upright position!  Have a look at my therapy pages and see what appeals to you.

To celebrate the longer nights and the promise of summer, I am now offering evening appointments as well as home visits.  And as a welcome to new clients, a gift of 10% off your first treatment either in my Sunny Studio or in your own home.

Home visits are for a minimum of 90 mins – all in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  I will bring my comfortable portable futon with me, and can offer you either a Thai Yoga Massage or a Heavenly Head Massage including Hands and Feet – fantastic if you have been on the go all day!

It’s an exciting time of year,   everywhere buds are getting ready to burst into life and the birds are madly gathering nesting materials and heralding in the dawn.  Let’s all make a fresh start this Springtime and get our winter bodies ready for the promise of summer.  

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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