Cultivating Calm – April 24th 2020

Stress abounds!  Life can be challenging at the best of times – and this is another dimension entirely!  Stress affects our physiology in predictable ways…

Breathing becomes shallow, heart rate increases, upper back/shoulders/neck (and for me) hips feel tight. But when we are hopeful and optimistic, the  breathing is deep and relaxed, the ribcage expands without restriction and the heart rate is steady.

We know that what happens in the mind affects the body, and what happens in the body affects the mind. One manifestation of that is the stress loop.

We experience stressful thoughts = stress hormones are released into the body

Stress hormones create tension in the tissues ready for “fight or flight”

Body tension tells the mind “THERE IS DANGER!”

Mind thinks “SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG!” (and releases more stress hormones….)

And on it goes in a loop…..

You can get yourself out of the stress loop and change your mental state by changing how your body feels. This yoga practice  affects your physiological and mental state by releasing muscular contraction around your ribcage and increasing your capacity to breathe.  Keep the awareness in the body and the breath.

The pause is as important as the pose – notice how the body feels – notice how the breath feels…

In the second half of the practice we use a structured breath – Inhale for 6 or 8 – hold for 1 or 2 – exhale for 6 or 8.  Do whatever feels comfortable for you.  This is a marvelous Pranayama for bringing the body/mind into a deeply relaxed state

When you are able to breathe deeper and without restriction, you are more likely to have an optimistic and confident outlook on your life.  Enjoy XX

Please share this Blog post with anyone who you feel will find it useful.  You can use the share links at the bottom of the page.  Thanks lovelies!

I am offering a long class every week on a donation basis – whatever you can afford would be very much appreciated.
Obviously some folks will be struggling financially, and if this applies to you – then please enjoy the class for free with my love!
If you would like to donate something.
Bank details are:
Lyn Watson
TSB  77-20-37    03121660
Your support is very much appreciated in these challenging times.
Sending heaps of love  XXX

2 thoughts on “Cultivating Calm – April 24th 2020”

  1. Dear Lyn Thank you for week 4 – I have just had my yoga session with you and feel better for it. For some reason I missed week 3 but will catch up soon. Hope all is well with you.

    Maureen x

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  2. Hi Maureen xxx Glad you are feeling the benefit! You can keep returning to these and do as much as you like – you’ll be super nimble, chilled and bendy by the time we meet again – lol XX


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