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Cultivating Calm – April 30th 2020

A gardeners special!  Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve been super busy in my garden and it’s only the Yoga that stopped me from being completely broken!

This practice (1 hour) helps me feel tall and loose again – yay!  It specifically targets the back, neck, hips and knees, and helps the joints regain their mobility and stability. I sometimes to do the practice outside in the garden if it’s nice and sunny, it feels great to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the birds and flowers.

If you would like to make it shorter – then start 15 mins in!  The beginning is extra warm-ups.  The last 10  mins is a simple savasana relaxation so you can skip that too if you’re short on time!

Moving with the breath further helps up to cultivate a relaxed state, bringing us into the “rest and digest”  parasympathetic nervous system response.  And as we deepen the breath, we encourage the circulation and release of waste deposits from the tissues – a by product of holding tension.   Mixing in a little Qigong really gets our Qi (energy) moving!

P.S.  You don’t have to be a gardener – any hard-working body will feel the benefit!

Enjoy!  You will be back out there, fork in hand, ready to go another 10 rounds…

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I am offering class every week on a donation basis – whatever you can afford would be very much appreciated.
Obviously some folks will be struggling financially, and if this applies to you – then please enjoy the class for free with my love!
If you would like to donate something.
Bank details are:
Lyn Watson
TSB  77-20-37    03121660
Your support is very much appreciated in these challenging times.
Sending heaps of love  XXX

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