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Cultivating Calm May 14th 2020

Hello lovely Yogis!

So this week were really focusing on using the breath as the music our bodies dance to.  We begin with cultivating the 4 part breath, and using that breath to move our bodies through a combination of strong and relaxing movement.

Be as energetic as you like – the invitation is there for variations on the stronger poses so listen to your body and do what suits you best on the day.  I can’t see you so you have to be your own best teacher!  We will finish with a short relaxation so you may melt into your mat with all that lovely cultivated prana….  The practice is around 90 mins long.

Please share this Blog post with anyone who you feel will find it useful.  You can use the share links at the bottom of the page.  Thanks lovelies!

You may fill in the contact form if you wish to receive information and an email link every time I upload a new practice.

I am offering class every week on a donation basis – whatever you can afford would be very much appreciated.
Obviously many folks are struggling financially, and if this applies to you – then please enjoy the class for free with my love!
If you would like to donate something.
Bank details are:
Lyn Watson
TSB  77-20-37    03121660
Your support is very much appreciated in these challenging times.
Sending heaps of love  XXX

3 thoughts on “Cultivating Calm May 14th 2020”

  1. Thank you Lyn

    My week 5 session I plan to do tomorrow – good to have the next one in the wings. Hope you are well. I am missing our Friday morning sessions.

    Hope things are going okay for you

    Maureen x

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  2. Good morning Lyn

    I have just transferred the money for week 6. It was a great session thank you . It really lifted my mood too. Hope you are well. We can’t wait to get back to Barmoor.

    Maureen x

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    1. Hi Maureen XXX Long time no see!! Sorry for such a late reply…. It’s been a long long haul and we’re finally getting back to some kind of normal over here in Wooler. I’ve really missed work and am thrilled to be back to teaching and bodywork.
      I hope you’re all keeping well your end, and i look forward to coming back to Barmoor. I’ll give Anne another ring soon, she wasn’t ready to start up last time we spoke – but hopefully we’ll be be back together at some point.
      Would you like to join in my Tuesday morning class in Chatton @9.30 am?? Such a lovely bunch of ladies. Be fab to see you XX


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