Cultivating Calm – November 20th 2020

For today’s practice we will tune into our higher ways of knowing. Accepting wisdom from these higher sources. The ways of knowing we have beyond our book learning and google searches.

In the Yoga tradition, our knowing comes through the subtle body – the chakra system. These 7 energy centres are located at the base our spine (root) below our navel (sacral) at the navel (solar plexus) the heart, the throat, the space between the eyebrows (3rd eye) and the crown of our heads. And each of these energy centres has a higher way of knowing. We can have insight, inspiration, intellect, intuition, instinct – we’re all familiar with these ways of knowing that come from a deeper place.

The invitation is to move at your own pace, your breath might be slower or faster than mine. Find comfort and ease in your body, so listen to your body and only do what feels comfortable. Rest when you need to, be kind to yourself.

The pause is just as important as the pose – Keep the awareness in the body and notice how you feel. When we know we feel, we know who we are.

It is from this place of comfort and safety and that we’re able to make the neuroplastic changes that help us to become more resiliant and make wiser choices in our lives .

Below the practice video is the link for the manta we use at the end. The meaning of this beautiful mantra is:

‘May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all”


I plan to upload some longer and shorter practices here every week. Do them as often as you like – if you have a fave, do that more!

All by donation my lovelies, or enjoy for free if you’re struggling . Everyone is welcome!

Lyn WatsonTSB 77-20-37 03121660

Your support is very much appreciated. Sending heaps of love

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