Cultivating Calm – November 24th 2020

A lovely energising practice using breath retention and suspension to build resiliance in body and mind.

Isn’t the breath great? As soon as we bring awareness to the breath we immediately activate the “rest and digest” branch of our nervous system.

The breath is the bridge!

When we rest in the pause at the top of the inhale this has an energising effect, and the pause at the bottom of the exhale has a relaxing effect. So this practice is like a little dance with the breath and the nervous system as we move between more energised and relaxed states, helping us to build greater resiliance in our bodies and minds as we move with our rhythmic flow…


I plan to upload some longer and shorter practices here every week. Do them as often as you like – if you have a fave, do that more!

All by donation my lovelies, or enjoy for free if you’re struggling X

Everyone is welcome!

Lyn WatsonTSB 77-20-37 03121660

Your support is very much appreciated. Sending heaps of love XXX

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