Cultivating Calm – December 10th 2020

A 30 min Qigong and Yoga practice to get your energy moving and release tension. If you sit all day working at a desk, even doing 10-15 minutes of this practice will loosen your body and shift your energy!

When we sit for long periods at our desks, there may be a tendency to sit with the head forwards and the back rounded, and this can cause tension in your back, hips, shoulders, arms and neck.

This energising practice gets into all those places to help release stagnantion, and a little self massage and breath practice at the end is nurturing and centering – helping you to feel more grounded and relaxed!

Also a nice energising one to do in your PJ’s on a winters morning to get the blood flowing and create some heat in the body. Lovely!

Do these practices as often as you like – if you have a fave, do that more!

All by donation my lovelies, or enjoy for free if you’re struggling . Everyone is welcome!

Lyn WatsonTSB 77-20-37 03121660

Your support is very much appreciated. Sending heaps of love.

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