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Cultivating Calm – November 25th 2020

A simple practice for lower back wellness. The intention is to move slowly and mindfully with the breath, and to notice the sensations in the body.

Skip any poses that cause pain – you can visualise yourself doing the pose instead. Ideally lengthen the breath to a count 5 seconds for inhale and 5 seconds or more for the exhale. Do as much as you feel comfortable with. Listen to the wisdom of your body always… Enjoy.

I plan to upload some longer and shorter practices here every week. Do them as often as you like – if you have a fave, do that more!

All by donation my lovelies, or enjoy for free if you’re struggling . Everyone is welcome!

Lyn WatsonTSB 77-20-37 03121660

Your support is very much appreciated. Sending heaps of love.

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