Cultivating Calm – December 1st 2020

Letting go….. There’s soooo much to let go of right now isn’t there?

Using the mantra Om shanti shanti shanti to fill out bodies with the vibration of deep peace. Moving with the breath, we invite comfort and ease so we can relax physically and mentally, all of this without leaving the floor.

Visualising alternate nostril breathing (without hands) let’s us tune into the flow of breath and prana (energy) in a deeply transformative way.

This practice of Nadi Shodhana has a balancing effect on the body and mind – notice what you feel? This one is 50 mins long. For a very short practice you could just do the beginning and stop when you feel – you’ll probably finish it before you know it! Enjoy!

I plan to upload some longer and shorter practices here every week. Do them as often as you like – if you have a fave, do that more!

All by donation my lovelies, or enjoy for free if you’re struggling . Everyone is welcome!

Lyn Watson TSB 77-20-37 03121660

Your support is very much appreciated. Sending heaps of love.

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