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Mindfulness Snack!

Try this short Mindfulness practice that I call “Just Listening”

Practice this whenever you feel the need for some mental space,  5 minutes away from the desk, or to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the chattering “monkey mind”

It is simplicity itself and can be done anywhere.  This is me enjoying glorious winter sun today in our lovely Wooler Woodland Park.  I like to practice outside as the sounds of nature are so soothing and,  well…..  natural!

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So what are we doing when we get on our Yoga mat??

I love Olga’s approach to Yoga – to me it makes so much sense. As I get older I have found great value in slowing down, breathing deeply, moving mindfully,  and listening to the messages my body and mind tell me.

Here are some suggestions about what to include in your yoga checklist to get the most out of any yoga practice…

Written by Olga Kabel – Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist

ShowUp1. Show up:

first physically – literally getting yourself down on your mat, and then mentally, bringing your attention to this moment, to this body.

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Mindful Movement – Yoga with Lyn

Beginning next Wednesday 23rd May 6 – 7.30pm Cheviot Centre Wooler. £8 per session.

I also offer a weekly class in Chatton Village Hall on Tuesdays 1 – 2.30pm for those who can’t make an evening class – it would be lovely to see you at either or both!

£8 per session.

Bring your mat and a blanket for a slow and mindful practice to some beautiful music!  Gentle Hatha Yoga suitable for all ages and abilities. We may also have a little therapeutic fun with some simple Thai Massage partner work,  a little bit of Qigong, and a gorgeous Yoga Nidra relaxation to close 

If you want to know more about the Yoga I teach, or any of the therapies I offer, please get in touch. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Relax and Restore – Yoga with Lyn

Yoga in Chatton Village Hall  

Tuesdays 1 – 2.30 pm.  Cost £8 per session

The Yoga will be gentle Hatha and slow paced.  We will focus on using breath with movement, loosening up the joints and the spine, and bringing some strength, flexibility and openness in our bodies.  There will be a lovely relaxation at the end so we may leave calm and refreshed.  Bring your mat and a big cosy blanket! 

This practice is ideal for people who have not done much Yoga, are beginners, elderly, or highly stressed/overworked and need to restore energy.

Does this sound like something you might enjoy? Please get in touch to book your place!

Both the movement and the relaxation exercises offered in the class help us slow down, breathe deeply and restore our vital energy. We will incorporate some energy medicine, simple Thai Yoga Massage techniques and Yoga Nidra for a relaxing session that generates a sense of deep, restorative rest which is beneficial for the body.

The classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. You are encouraged to tune into your own body and only practice what feels right for you.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!


Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga practice is a Yoga of ‘Being’ rather than a Yoga of ‘Doing’ – restful yoga for stressful times.

Restorative Yoga is the perfect antidote to the stress that many of us experience as we try and juggle all the parts of our modern busy lives. When stress become chronic it can impact our health in many ways, and can lead to poor digestion, muscle tension, insomnia, back pain and immune dysfunction. Continue reading “Restorative Yoga”